Most people are aware of the risk to seniors & people with pre-existing health conditions as COVID-19 spreads across the US.

Sadly, one group of patients who may be overlooked in times of crisis are those with different forms of cancer including mesothelioma.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that people with respiratory ailments or diseases are considered high-risk. Unfortunately, mesothelioma qualifies as it primarily impacts the lungs and patients tend to be elderly since the disease takes many years to manifest symptoms.

How Meso Impacts the Immune System

Cancer patients, especially those with mesothelioma, often have compromised immune systems. Their bodies are already struggling to fight diseased cells as well as tolerating the side effects of medications and treatments like chemotherapy.

This weakened condition makes the body more susceptible to simple things like coughs and colds as well as more serious viruses and diseases.

COVID-19 is especially dangerous for meso patients as it attacks the lungs which are often an area of concern. COVID-19 also brings symptoms such as coughing, fever, sore throat and shortness of breath, all of which can be potentially life threatening for someone with meso.

A Special Note from Our Team

We want to extend our best wishes during this difficult time to everyone dealing with the impact of COVID-19, whether or not you have a loved one with mesothelioma.

We encourage you to follow the advice of medical doctors and practice responsible social distancing while taking all necessary precautions.

Also, please keep the sick and elderly, especially those with cancer or other health concerns, in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

If you have questions about your medical care or possible symptoms, please talk to your doctor or visit this page for more information about meso treatment centers in the Southern US.