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The victims of these diseases and their families are not just another case. They are people who are suffering and have been wrongfully exposed to something which may take their lives.

At Landry & Swarr we understand the need to be tough litigators to fight for your rights – but we also understand the need for sensitivity and compassion.

Take a look at what some of our clients say about us:

“It was terrible thing to watch my father die of mesothelioma and then listen to defense lawyers try to pass the blame around to someone else. But no matter how bad we were hurting or how angry our family felt, the attorneys at Landry & Swarr kept things together. Their hard work and tenacity secured a great settlement for my family. But just as importantly their counseling and advice helped us make decisions along the way which would help us begin to heal as a family” – ARS

As a personal injury attorney, I handle many cases of injured persons. I have had experience with Landry Swarr. When my client suffered a devastating cancer caused by asbestos. I knew to call Mickey Landry for his help. Phillip Hoffman, a very experienced attorney, met with my client and I. Phillip took on this very difficult and complex case, kept both the client and I informed of the progress and after more than two years of litigation, resolved the claim for over $1.3 million dollars. I highly recommend Landry and Swarr, and Phillip to anyone with a complex cancer case. Asbestos claims are complex and even a personal injury attorney needs the expert support that Landry and Swarr provide. EL