Risk Factors for Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a dangerous disease that includes many risk factors. It is a cancer of the lungs that is starting to become more frequently diagnosed as time goes on.

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The treatment for Mesothelioma is an area that is still developing, so medical professionals don’t even know exactly all the issues that surround it.

While some early research has highlighted possible factors like genes that may predispose certain individuals to cancer development or possible exposures in some common medical procedures, these are very preliminary correlations and should not be considered as indisputable fact.

However, by understanding some of what has already been uncovered, you will be able to make the most informed choices for your health and your future.

The top risk factors you should be aware of and learn more about include contact with asbestos, age, and gender.

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Working around asbestos is the main risk factor for developing Mesothelioma.

The material previously was used heavily in construction, factories, plumbing, ship building, and the automotive industry, along with several other professions. Asbestos is fire and heat-resistant making it desirable for building and working with.

Over time, it was discovered that asbestos fibers flying through the air were being inhaled into the lungs of those in the close vicinity of the work area. The fibers then stay there in the body and cause damage to the cells which results in Mesothelioma, or lung cancer.

A surprising number of items in our everyday lives still contain these fibers from years past, but they are usually safe until disturbed. It has happened that even in places that may not usually require safety precautions, people have been exposed due to construction or other activities that propel these fibers into the air.

Today, asbestos has been largely removed from production of most items because of the information available now on its relation to causing cancer in the lungs.


Young people very rarely are diagnosed with Mesothelioma. The common age is 65 or older. For people under 45, it hardly ever occurs.

The risk increases with age mainly because the disease usually takes many years to become detected.


Men are more likely than women to develop Mesothelioma. The main reason for this is because men more frequently work in jobs that expose them to asbestos.

However, women are often diagnosed with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases because they have come in contact with the fibers through the work clothing or other surfaces used by men in their lives who were exposed in the workplace.

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Do any of these risk factors apply to you or someone close to you? If so, it is best to undergo testing just to be sure.

This is not to say that these are the only risk factors, but they have been identified as primary causes. Unfortunately, many Mesothelioma cases could have been prevented by organizations taking greater precautions.

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