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Asbestos Experience in Louisiana

Asbestos Law Isn’t Just An Area We Cover – It’s All We Do!

The tragedy of cancer leaves us with so many things to deal with. Families endure terrible grief as a result of suffering and death. They feel anger and resentment that the simple act of going to work could have wrongfully exposed them to asbestos. And there is always the anxiety of wondering how the family will get by. The burden of medical expenses, lost wages and insurance battles can devastate just about anyone.

A qualified asbestos attorney can provide a plan for dealing with these issues and get the compensation you deserve. Your attorney will seek damages on your behalf from companies that used or distributed asbestos in their products or workplace. Your compensation should include money for loss of wages, pain and suffering, loss of a loved one as well as medical expenses.

The Need for Experience

A complicating factor in asbestos law is the extended period of time between which exposure occurs and symptoms begin to show themselves. Asbestos-related diseases can take as much as 20 – 50 years to manifest. Over that much time many critical factors can change which may impact your case. These things include:

  • The employer / manufacturer may claim that they met health standards at the time exposure occurred
  • The employer / manufacturer may have gone out of business
  • The victim may have been exposed to the disease on multiple occasions making it difficult to determine exactly when and where the exposure occurred.
  • Family members of the victims may have been exposed to the disease
  • The victim may have developed other health conditions that mask or complicate diseases associated with asbestos
  • The victim may have been misdiagnosed with lung cancer

Most lawsuits involve claims against asbestos manufacturers or employers for negligence in implementing safety measures to adequately protect employees and consumers. For a number of reasons establishing direct or sole liability can be difficult to prove – making the need for an attorney with experience in these types of cases even more critical for success.