Mesothelioma is infamously aggressive, in part because it’s typically diagnosed late in the course of the disease. This unfortunately leaves few treatment options for those with advanced cases. However, new surgical techniques may provide a way to extend life expectancy for mesothelioma patients.

Recent studies have shown that surgical removal of tumors can improve overall survival rates for some mesothelioma patients, especially when combined with other treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. 

An Aggressive Approach to an Aggressive Disease

A 2021 study by the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston states that there has been evidence suggesting an aggressive “staged surgical approach” may be one of the most effective treatments available for those suffering from mesothelioma, due to its potential to increase overall survival rates significantly compared to other forms of treatment alone.

Mesothelioma patients who underwent bicavity cytoreductive surgery, including lung-sparing, extended pleurectomy, and decortication, had a median survival rate of 58.2 months, compared to the median survival rate of 20 months for a typical stage 2 diagnosis. This, combined with chemotherapy and radiation, could lead to an altogether increased survival rate of up to 20%.

Other Lung Cancer Treatments Offer Hopeful News For Mesothelioma

While Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) is a different disease than mesothelioma–caused by smoking cigarettes rather than asbestos–treatments for both conditions are similar, and advances in the treatment of NSCLC could ultimately be used in tumor treatments for mesothelioma as well.

Electrical therapy in particular has shown significant improvement for overall survival rates of those with NSCLC. This approach uses electrical fields to kill cancer cells, and recent studies have shown statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvements in overall survival rates, in comparison to standard-of-care treatment alone in patients with stage IV NSCLC. Electrical therapy has very recently been approved for treating malignant mesothelioma, but medical professionals are hopeful about its effectiveness. 

A Step In The Right Direction For Louisanans Living With Mesothelioma

Louisiana in particular has been significantly affected by asbestos-based diseases like mesothelioma, and hundreds of Louisianans have been diagnosed with this deadly disease–especially those who worked in shipbuilding and manufacturing jobs prior to 1980 due to their on-the-job contact with asbestos fibers.

While this news bodes well for the Lousianans living with mesothelioma, they still have to endure the devastating effects of mesothelioma as they struggle with medical bills and limited life expectancy due to their illness.

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