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Mesothelioma Information

Diagnosis, Symptoms & Treatment Options

What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a cancerous disease that attacks many vital organs, particular the lungs, of the human body. Most cases of the illness are the result of prolonged contact to the carcinogen, asbestos. Of course, the companies responsible for these products often bring complex legal battles leaving the victims and their families with difficult circumstances. Luckily, for victims and their families, many Mesothelioma asbestos law litigators work tirelessly to establish the link between contact with asbestos and contraction of the disease.

While Mesothelioma is most often associated with the lungs, its fatal effects can touch all the organs in the body. In recent years, we have learned that these malignant cancer cells develop in the mesothelium, a protective lining on all the body’s internal organs. Aside from the lungs, other major areas in which mesothelium are affected includes the peritoneum and the pericardium. Companies that may have used asbestos related products in the workplace may argue these assertions, but continued advances in medicine have made the evidence linking them more and more compelling.

Mesothelioma asbestos law litigators have made the correlation that generally people who develop Mesothelioma have worked on jobs in older buildings in which they inhaled asbestos particles. As an unfortunate consequence, a family member or friend who makes even the most minor of contact, including simply touching the exposed persons clothes, can still develop problems from exposure.

If you feel that you may have contracted Mesothelioma, or have come in contact with an excessive amount of asbestos, call the offices of Landry & Swarr – your local malignant Mesothelioma law firm.

Symptoms Of Mesothelioma

Symptoms of mesothelioma include, but are not limited to: shortness of breath, chest pain, or rapid and unhealthy weight loss. If you exhibit any of these symptoms, or have valid concerns about the disease, a Mesothelioma litigator can refer you to a medical professional who has experience with mesothelioma to get a chest x-ray and/or a CT scan done. If you are discovered of a change in the chest x-ray or the scan showing a suspicion of the malignancy, a biopsy and other confirmative investigations thereof will be performed to ascertain the presence of malignancy.

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Treatment Options

Make no mistake about it – mesothelioma is a deadly disease. To date most of the medical options for mesothelioma victims have been largely ineffective in curing the disease. Rare cases have shown a remission of the disease but more commonly medical treatments may extend the life expectancy by months to a few years depending on the health of the patient.

Most of the traditional cancer treatment remedies are used to battle mesothelioma with very limited success. However recent developments in immunotherapy are being more widely used to try and battle asbestos-related disease.

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While a lawsuit does not help the health of asbestos victims or ease the grieving of family members, we can help provide financial relief. Landry & Swarr has helped many Louisiana families through this difficult process and helped win settlements that can ease the financial burden of a life-threatening illness. Please call us today at 866-275-8706 for a free consultation.