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Louisiana Lung Cancer & Asbestos Law

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with lung cancer you need an experienced Louisiana attorney to help you understand your rights. The symptoms of lung cancer and asbestos related disease can be difficult to tell apart. The most common symptoms are shortness of breath, coughing (including coughing up blood), and weight loss.

Additionally the combination of smoking and asbestos exposure greatly increases a person’s risk of developing cancer of the airways or lungs. However, smoking alone can cause lung cancer – and asbestos exposure alone can also cause lung cancer.

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The attorneys at Landry & Swarr understand the relationship between lung cancer and asbestos and can help you determine what your rights may be. Our experience handling challenging and complex asbestos-related litigation is critical for success in these cases where the causes and outcomes are not always clear.

We have extensive experience in lung cancer and asbestos law and have been serving the needs of Louisiana families since 1999. If you would like a no-obligation consultation with one of our staff please contact us today. You can reach us by telephone at 866-275-8706 or come by our offices at 1010 Common St, Suite 2050 New Orleans, LA 70112.