Landry & Swarr Appeals to a Former Navy Shipyard Worker with Mesothelioma to Take Compensation Seriously

The attorneys of Landry & Swarr are appealing to people in Louisiana diagnosed with mesothelioma. Please contact us at (504) 299-1214 to discuss financial compensation, particularly Navy Veterans and shipyard workers. Those diagnosed with mesothelioma should understand the process of monetary compensation for this rare cancer.

Chemical plants and oil refineries are not the only places for asbestos exposure.

Unfortunately, there were many ways of inhaling asbestos fibers aboard ships and in shipyards because of the heavy use of asbestos materials.

These conditions account significantly for why Navy veterans are diagnosed with mesothelioma in disproportionally high numbers each year.

Asbestos Exposure for Navy Veterans and Shipyard Workers

Of the workplaces in the United States before 1982, a chemical plant, oil refinery, shipyard workers, and Navy veterans probably had more asbestos exposure than any other type of workplace.

According to the Mesothelioma Center, military veterans make up 30% of the mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year. The U.S. Navy was exposed to more asbestos than any other military branch due to asbestos products in ships, shipyards, and military bases.

The Mesothelioma Center specializes in assisting specific types of people who’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer. While they handle many cases for asbestos-related disease cases, they report that some priority groups for mesothelioma are U.S. Navy Vets and shipyard workers.

Shipyard workers and maritime workers are at the top of the list for most workgroups regarding asbestos exposure, especially in Louisiana. The port of New Orleans has many shipbuilding and repair operations that may have used asbestos-containing materials at one time.

Asbestos usually came through insulation and pipe coverings used in the engine, boilers, and other equipment that reaches extreme temperatures in a ship’s hull.

Veterans who made repairs and maintained equipment often faced the highest levels of asbestos exposure. Skilled trade workers or experienced specialists were in high demand, and it would not have been uncommon like this to have worked in more than one facility or in more than one state to work at a shipyard.

What If You Have Mesothelioma?

If there is a case where you feel like you have mesothelioma or have been exposed to outdoor pollutants, toxins, and asbestos, the best start would be to get a physical exam.

Diagnostic tests like chest x-rays, C.T. scans, MRIs, and PET scans will help identify the presence of mesothelioma. Pathological exams, which examine samples of your body’s tissues,  can also help detect mesothelioma.

And suppose you do have mesothelioma, have any symptoms, or have any concerns. A mesothelioma lawyer will refer you to a medical professional to get a chest x-ray or a C.T. scan done. They even have extensive experience with current mesothelioma treatments and can help you understand your legal and medical options. 

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