Lung cancer is a leading cause of death each year in the United States, yet it unfortunately gains very little attention from the general public.

November is a month dedicated to Lung Cancer Awareness so that we can all become more aware of just how common it is, the possible risks involved, and how to get involved in raising awareness and funding for prevention research.


Learn more about lung cancer in the U.S., who is spreading awareness about it, and what events will be taking place this month.

Lung Cancer in the U.S.

Cancer, in general, is the leading cause of death in the United States, and lung cancer is responsible for 13% of all cancer diagnoses.

Though it is only the second most commonly diagnosed type of cancer, it is actually the leading cause of death among all cancers. It kills three times as many people as the leading killer, breast cancer, proving that effective treatment is still lacking.

Though treatment hasn’t been incredibly successful for lung cancer, preventative measures have made an impact in reducing the overall occurrence rates in recent years.

Once the deadly risks became better known in the 1980’s, a huge campaign against cigarette smoking helped reduce the diagnosis rates related to smoking. Even so, death rates haven’t had as large of a decline as treatment still remains to be the major challenge.

Causes, Exposure, and Risk

Cigarette smoke is the most common cause of lung cancer and has been exposed as such over the years. Because of this extra media attention—rightfully given—there is no doubt that the general public knows to avoid this particular risk, as mentioned earlier.

Studies also show, however, that other chemicals that are used in everyday materials can also be incredibly dangerous and cause lung cancer as well. These include arsenic, chromium, silica, and asbestos which are commonly used as household items and insulation in homes and buildings.

Asbestos related cancer in particular kills about 10,000 people each year, making it one of the five common causes of lung cancer along with cigarettes and secondhand smoke.

The causes and risks of lung cancer can be avoided, although proper awareness is needed.

Spreading Awareness about Lung Cancer

In order to raise awareness, the American Lung Association has launched an initiative, LUNG FORCE, that helps unite women fighting against lung cancer. The initiative commits $10 million to lung cancer research and another $5 million in raising awareness among the public.

A similar campaign, LUNGevity, focuses on spreading awareness through the likes of social media by detailing just how deadly lung cancer is and offering prevention strategies.

These campaigns partner with other organizations that are also committed to spreading lung cancer awareness so that more people can take healthy preventative measures.

How to Get Involved

You may be wondering how you can get involved this month. Free To Breathe offers activities and events throughout the year so that awareness can be raised among the public and fundraising can support further research in treatment and prevention.

Since November is officially the month for Lung Cancer Awareness, there are many events going on so it’s likely there’s an event near you that you can participate in. Check out Free to Breathe’s events page to see how you can get involved this year.

Whether you are a survivor of lung cancer, know someone that has been recently diagnosed, or even are simply interested in supporting the cause, then do not hesitate to get involved today.

Contact us at Landry & Swarr to learn more and to participate in this year’s events with us!