How COVID-19 is Impacting Mesothelioma Patients

The impact of COVID-19 on senior care and nursing homes has been well documented in the media.

However, COVID is also impacting other communities of people with serious health conditions including those struggling with mesothelioma.

Impact of Increased Stress

Doctors typically advise meso patients undergoing treatment to stay home, rest and let others take care of you as much as possible. Those orders have been difficult to follow for most people since March.

People with mesothelioma take extra precautions to manage their stress as it directly impacts their health more quickly than others.

The amount of fear, uncertainty & anxiety around not only about catching the virus, but what life will look like once the pandemic is under control, has healthy people struggling to manage stress and has been a major challenge for many mesothelioma patients.

Money Matters

Lost wages and earning potential is often part of meso settlements as patients are unable to work. We’ve watched many families struggle with the cost of medical care, traveling for treatment and the loss of income from one family member.

Having less money combined with increased expenses for medical care creates significant stress around finances and security for almost anyone facing this situation. COVID-19 has made matters even worse since many people are facing layoffs, reduced hours or being furloughed from their regular jobs.

Heightened Risk for Infection

In our most recent blog post, we talked about the heightened risk of infection for people who have compromised immune systems. This is especially relevant for people with respiratory issues such as mesothelioma which often impacts the lungs.

Impact On Clinical Trials

Doctors across the country are continually conducting important clinical trials on possible treatments for mesothelioma.

Timely participation in clinical trials is crucial since the life expectancy of people with mesothelioma is so short – in some cases just a few months. These trials are essential for developing new treatment protocols that are not yet approved by the FDA.

Participation in clinical trials may not change the final outcome, but has been shown to extend the life of meso patients thus giving them precious extra time with their families and loved ones all while collecting valuable information for doctors.

However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, medical centers across the country report they have slowed or even stopped the enrollment of new patients into clinical trials as medical resources are being diverted to handle the evolving pandemic.

We’re Here to Help

The challenges facing families of mesothelioma patients can feel incredibly daunting. Our hearts go out to everyone coping with the increased stress that COVID-19 has placed on them.

Our team is here to answer any questions you may have or share resources for treatment and medical care if necessary. Please get in touch with us today if we can help.