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Louisiana Family Exposure Lawyers

Asbestos-related diseases like mesothleioma are not just a problem for workers whose jobs put them at risk. Without knowing it – many of these workers brought home deadly asbestos fibers on their clothing – and may have caused their spouse or children to become sick or even die many years later.

Family members of these workers are often being identified as victims from what’s being called “secondary” or “family exposure.”

Secondary or family exposure refers to family members who come into contact with asbestos fibers brought home on the clothing of someone who works with asbestos. This exposure to asbestos fibers, even in short duration, can be enough to cause disease later in life.

Family or secondary exposure can occur from:

  • Washing clothes with asbestos fibers together with other clothing
  • Contact with shoes, clothing, skin or hair contaminated with asbestos
  • Construction sites or pavement using asbestos

Legal Options

Under current health regulations workers exposed to asbestos may be required to shower or change clothes before they leave work. Unfortunately for many years this was not the case and many family members may be suffering from a disease related to their spouse’s work.

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