If you or a loved one is diagnosed with mesothelioma, can your family attorney or any general practice attorney handle your mesothelioma case in Louisiana?

The answer is yes, they can. However, before you make that decision, you may want to consider a few crucially important factors.

Mesothelioma Lawyer

Experience in Louisiana’s Asbestos Related Fields

Asbestos litigation is the largest mass tort in American history and more than 750,000 claims have been filed across the United States to date. Louisiana has been heavily hit as well with the number of local industries such as shipbuilding and construction which have heavy ties to asbestos related cases.

Additionally, these cases are complex and benefit from the skills and experience of a mesothelioma lawyer. Unlike other injury cases, mesothelioma cases must dive into the past – sometimes over 50 years to find the liable parties. Tracking down the company or manufacturer that is responsible for your mesothelioma or asbestos-related cancer can be a long and difficult process.

An experienced asbestos litigation firm can help you during this difficult time and can obtain the money you need, even if the manufacturer or company has long since gone out of business.

You may not know that there are no federal government asbestos laws. Instead, how asbestos cases are handled has been largely left up to the individual states. We fully understand Louisiana’s state laws and how they pertain to your case.

These are just a few of the reasons that we serve as Louisiana counsel of record for many of these cases working with not only local attorneys, but out of state firms as well.

Intimate Knowledge of the Disease

Mesothelioma lawyers understand the progression of the disease and the fact that mesothelioma can lie dormant for up to 50 years. As such, determining when you were first exposed to the asbestos can be difficult.

But proving fault and establishing liability is critical to obtaining the money you and your family need during this time. An experienced mesothelioma law firm can use their extensive knowledge of the disease and its progression to help track down the liable party.

Experience Cutting Through Corporate Red Tape

To make matters even worse, large companies, manufacturers, and corporations often have large legal teams on their side and there may be miles of red tape to cut through including corporate trusts and bankruptcies. An experienced mesothelioma lawyer knows exactly how to cut through that red tape and win your case.

The Importance of Deadlines

An experienced mesothelioma lawyer won’t let you miss critical deadlines regarding your mesothelioma case. If you are the victim, you must file your mesothelioma lawsuit shortly after being diagnosed with mesothelioma.

In the state of Louisiana, you only have 1 year from the date of diagnosis to file a claim. If you are the victim’s family, then wrongful death statutes of limitations will apply as long as they are filed shortly after death. In the state of Louisiana, families only have 1 year from the date of death to file a mesothelioma claim.

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