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Asbestos Exposure at Louisiana Construction Sites

Anyone who worked on construction sites was very likely exposed to asbestos from a variety of sources. Asbestos was a very common building material used in the construction industry for many years because of its heat-resistance and affordability. Unfortunately, the use of asbestos put many human lives at risk as exposure to asbestos has been linked to causing scarring of the lungs as well as mesothelioma, which of course is a fairly aggressive form of cancer.

Construction professionals working at construction sites such as insulators, plumbers, carpenters, masonry and brick workers, were at an extremely high risk of exposure to friable asbestos, and therefore at a high risk of developing mesothelioma. Additional types of workers who may be at risk include:

  • Drywall & Plasters – For many years, drywall tape and taping compounds were made from asbestos. Once the product was applied, it was often sanded or grinded causing the fibers or dust to disperse into the air where it was easily inhaled.
  • Roofers – Roofing tiles and shingles were commonly from asbestos and put workers at risk when handling these products.
  • Demolition – Tearing down and removing products with asbestos can be especially dangerous as the material may be brittle and become airborne.
  • Contractors – General contractors may have been exposed to asbestos during any of the above listed activities as they usually oversee the entire construction process.