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Louisiana Asbestos Attorneys

An effective Louisiana asbestos attorney should spend as much time listening as they do litigating, providing each client with the opportunity to fully tell their story. Workers exposed to asbestos years ago and even people within close contact (such as family members who may inhale asbestos fibers from worker’s clothing) may begin to encounter the symptoms of asbestos-related disease today. Understanding the details of each case and how it pertains to the victim’s history is essential to winning such cases and can make all the difference in obtaining a favorable settlement. If you want an experienced team of Louisiana asbestos attorneys to mount this kind of campaign on your behalf, contact Landry & Swarr today.

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Asbestos exposure is a serious health threat because it can cause severe forms of lung disease including asbestosis. And because the amount and time of exposure can be difficult to verify many years later it’s important to trust your case to those with experience in this area of the law. Landry & Swarr have been serving the families of Louisiana since 1999, and in that time the firm has gained a sterling reputation for aggressive and well-informed asbestos litigation. From asbestosis to lung cancer – our attorneys practice the full array of toxic chemical law.

Countless people come online every year looking for a way to compare and contrast the many legal firms to deal with these deadly diseases. Landry & Swarr believes that an outside evaluation is one of the best ways to make sound comparisons, and our firm is proud of its service to Louisiana and the local communities.

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