If you ever wonder why asbestos is still legal, you aren’t alone.

This lethal mineral continues to kill more than 200,000 people worldwide… every single year.

But 100% of those deaths are preventable.

That’s why Global Asbestos Awareness Week takes place every year from April 1-7. The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) designates this week to raise awareness about asbestos threats, because when it comes to asbestos and mesothelioma, knowledge is power.

For the 15th year of the conference, the ADAO will focus on three key goals:

1. Banning the mining, manufacturing, and use of asbestos

Asbestos is legal in nearly 70% of the world – including the United States!

The only way to change this is to take action, and working with health organizations and lawmakers to change the laws is a major goal of the organization.

So far, we have seen some success in the U.S. But awareness week resolutions and Surgeon General’s warnings aren’t enough. That’s why the first goal is a total ban.

2. Preventing asbestos exposure through education and awareness

Asbestos was once used so widely, it can be found in some surprising places, including schools, churches, and hospitals. Remodeling or even maintenance on old buildings can cause a threat to workers and those who are using these buildings.

So besides being aware of possible exposure in known-risk industries like automotive or shipbuilding, it’s important to remember that asbestos can be lurking in all kinds of places you might feel safe.

Educating the public about exposure risks is the best way to keep people safe from this toxic substance.

3. Increasing compliance and enforcement of existing laws and regulations

There are laws on the books restricting and controlling the use of asbestos, but they aren’t always enforced.

That’s why making sure these regulations are enforced is crucial until asbestos is banned for good.

Make Your Voice Heard

This year, the ADAO is proud to support the recently introduced Alan Reinstein Ban Asbestos Now Act of 2019, which would fully ban asbestos in the U.S. within 12 months. This bill is in the U.S. Congress now.

If you’d like to contact your Congressperson to make your thoughts on asbestos known, click here.

To learn more about Global Asbestos Awareness Week, visit ADAO’s website.